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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Summer So Far...


Been a happening Summer...! You would see glimpses of the places that I have visited this summer - this post will be followed by a detailed post about each of the spots that I have been to. Watch out for more... and meanwhile... go out and enjoy the sun!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


He tossed over to face her after he made love to her. He liked to watch her innocent smile after it was all over. He saw her move to clean the mess that their passion had created. He lay there watching her tip-toe her way to the extreme corner of the room to put back the chairs in order. He flipped over to his side to play some music when he heard her flip through pages. He walked upto her and took those mags from her hand to secure them in his wardrobe. Wasn't virginity of the mind and the soul more important?, thought he.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

United 93

September 11, 2001
Four Planes were hijacked
Three of them reached their target
This is the story of the Fourth

Need I say more?

Another interesting watch: Guaranteed to hold your attention though it is a long clip

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why do I....?

Why do I feel that I want to jump off a cliff when I am there?

Why do I want to get sucked in by the gushing waters?

Why do I wish that the ground below should 'open up' and take me in?

Why do I preach that love is unconditional and still expect one to love me?

Why do I think that being overly possessive about something is wrong while I miss it when its gone?

Why do I yearn to go back in time when I decided to consider 'them' as a thing of the past?

Why do I crave for 'it' after having given it up?

Why do I try to knot it back while I untangled it myself?

Why do I envision things to go clockwise when I made them go counter clockwise?

Why do I hope, dream and pray that the scattered clouds should reunite to form rain?

Why do I...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Iniyum Sila Iravugal

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Going Home!

J screamed from within the kitchen: "Leave that umpteenth perfume bottle behind. You can instead carry some other goodies"

There I sat, in the middle of the living room, packing my things with a mind set that seemed too perturbed. My mother's voice reverberated in my ears. She had uttered the very same thing a year back while I was gearing up to come to the US of A. Visuals of my last minute shopping, phone calls, miss you letters, xoxoxox came back to my mind and I did relive my last few moments in the Airport mentally before a phone call brought me out of a trance.

"Let's have dinner at our family restaurant! Now that you are set to go let us enjoy the night with good food and spend more time together" It felt nice to feel wanted and to be cared for by many people. There was a huge smile across my face and we were all ready to eat out in a jiffy. After a sumptuous meal it was back to packing; every little stuff that was bought for my friends and family was to be carefully handled and given to them without a trace of the slightest damage.

There was a strange feeling; one that questioned me whether I would really want to go back home... but deep down I did miss my people... At one point of time I felt that my roots were still firmly placed back in my hometown but now a part of me did not want me to detach myself from the community that I now belonged to... WEIRD that's what I felt too!

My ramblings lasted for a couple of hours and then I was off to Chicago - still made my last minute calls to tell people that I would miss them before I began my sojourn to the land that I truly belonged to. Aiport "rewind" the last dinner "rewind" family "rewind" friends "rewind" Spencers "rewind" Amethyst
"rewind".. "rewind" ..."rewind"... I shut my eyes firmly and tried to sleep. Was I excited? Nervous? or was it a feeling of being an alien? During the final few seconds before landing all that I could remember were the tears that glistened in my mom's eyes when I waved her the final good bye... There she was waiting out for me to join her with a smile that revealed her genuine happiness...

Kannere kannere sandhosha kannere,
thedi thedi theindeine meendum kanmun kandene
penne penne...

Now that I am home its been pampering, pampering and more pampering by everyone around me! All those questions that cropped up in my head mysteriously vanished in the comfort of my dear ones. For those who are not yet home wait for your turn ;) coz its worth it!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Summer Special!


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S,R,P,P,K and D had a discussion over sweets and coffee about the next event for LTCA. D calls up transport department to check out the availability of buses for a one day trip to Daniel Boone or any place where a camp fire could be conducted and all that she hears is a staggering amount of $1000 for conveyance.Shocked
Transport Dept Supervisor: "Yes, M'am, you heard me right. It would cost you a little over $1000 and we might charge an additional fee if need be..."

A flash news was sent across to everyone concerned and plans were revised due to monetary reasons.Duh After a thorough search for places and a lot of thought everyone decides to drive to a near by park and have a fun filled day. A plan of action was charted out and everyone put on their thinking caps to make this day as joyous as possible.

Over more coffee, OJ and snacks, each of them voiced out their preferred item on the menu list which comprised of the following: Puliyodarai, tomato rice, avial, poori sabzi, curd rice and gulab jamoon for lunch BBQand samosas and elachi tea for snacks - Guys, we did intend to give you a sumptuous meal!

It was funny working out the rules and commands for each game and we did have a gr8 time in purchasing the gifts. P, P and K had some cool ideas to share with an equal share of wise cracks to supplement it.

Finally the D-day arrives and the mercury level shoots up to such an extent that we feared that no one would turn up Sweaty. We had several known and a few unknown faces and it was a pleasure having all of them. Lunch session Picnicfollowed by the games Beach had our spirits up and I am sure each of us had a moment that will remain close to our hearts.Morph

Keywords: Shelter-3, FOOD, Four corners, Passing the Parcel, Tambola, Autograph, Ek Minute...

All these activities have now left me drained out and I guess I'd better call it a day! Have a great time guys! Catch u ltr Sleeping